FOTO prestige has been in photography & video for eighteen years

Our years of experience in the field, the perfect digital equipment as well as our personal concern for the result, is the warranty we give to our customers, creating relationships of trust.

We provide complete solutions for photography and video recording for your wedding, baptism and any social event that you wish to remain unchanged in time. A photo can identify a thought, a feeling, the scent of a landscape, the color, the sense of air, anything passed from before us and the click managed to keep it forever alive in our eyes. Our approach to wedding photography moves more towards a discreet recording of your wedding with clear influences from photography, with images highlighting spontaneous moments and emotions unfolding the story of the day.


What we think is very important is to create images respecting your personal moments. Human contact is especially important to us. We will also take the classic photos with family friends if you wish, because we do not consider them insignificant, since their value in the long run is increasing.


The Approach to the baptism photo is again a discreet recording of baptism, since in nature the protagonists, the children, are spontaneous. Of course, we need patience and persistence, but also the help of parents to get a good result.

The photo of marriage and baptism is for us a charming journey with images and senses, an investment in the memories of the family that writes its own story …